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JAJ beyond zero ™ (Beyond Zero ™) is not only a slogan; it is also a way of thinking, innovative spirit and executive ability. 

Beyond zero plan aims to further improve the environment, and not just to offset the environmental impact. JAJ have professional knowledge, innovation and perseverance, so we can go further. Offset the impact on the environment (zero) is not the ultimate goal of improving the environment. how will the concept of Beyond zero work? 

JAJ thinks, Beyond zero means that we will: 

Reduce JAJ¡¯s and its suppliers¡¯ negative impact on the environment.

Continuous innovation provides customers with new technologies, products and service, to improve environmental performance. 

All goals are increasingly relevant to lead us and customers to future of sustainable development. In fact, the data showed that the future has already begun to take shape. 

Climate change

Climate change will affect human and the nature from various aspects, which is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Emissions of greenhouse gases from industrial and transportation process, such as carbon dioxide, will damage the earth's atmosphere, change the delicate balance, and may cause disastrous effect, such as sea level rises, droughts, floods and storms, unless drastic action will be taken. 

In JAJ, we are firmly committed to our responsibility; make positive contributions to a better and cleaner future. As one part of the JAJ Beyond Zero projects, we set up challenging goals, not only to reduce the negative effect due to our own, but also to strengthen positive effects by using JAJ solutions. 

Environmental design 

Applying the concept of environmental life cycle in the product research and development 

Why should we consider environmental factors in the process of product design and development, we have a lot of good reason. They help us to reach the customer's requirements and in accordance with the law; also make us more competitive and have a stronger business position. They can also ensure that we always keep innovative, and win the trust. But most importantly, they help us to achieve the goal of reducing environmental impact in product life cycle. Therefore, JAJ has been taking the initiative to ensure that this method is applied to all aspects of product research and development. 

According to the design principle and use of environmental assessment tools, we set up the research and development process from a careful study to verify and handed over. Also considered the key problems, including the weight, recycling, laws and regulations, biodegradability, and more. In this process, we define the concept and choose the concept which can reflect environmental objectives before the optimization design starts.

Manufacturing process 

Reduce the environmental impact of our operations 

JAJ nearly 100 plants in 30 countries are around the world. Our direct ownership and control of these factories, means that we have the absolute responsibility and direct power to minimize the impact on the environment. That's why we follow the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and why we have been committed to invest in our manufacturing process and improve our practices, in order to   continuously improve the performance of our production environment, all of which are beyond our legal obligation

Sustainable building design and construction 

For the new buildings, JAJ adopts the world's leading sustainable design and construction standards 

To bring value for customers in the most effective and efficient way is our aim. Therefore JAJ expands unceasingly to meet changing needs from the world's diverse customer.  We build new production and storage facilities in different areas. 

No matter where it is, we have  made such promise, that is, all new facilities must be according to the design and construction of a world-class environmental performance standards, and all our main constructions adopt the standard of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC ®) "Leader of Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

Logistics and Transportation

Reduce carbon emissions by our cargo transportation and business travel 

Transport of goods

JAJ logistics services company cooperates with our transport suppliers, working to develop processes and solutions to ultimately reduce our carbon emissions. 

These measures include truck "fill rate" optimization, make sure they can be fully loaded, and use railway transportation. Using the train has a particularly significant effect¡ªincreasing the use of this kind of transportation between our factory in Gothenburg and Distribution center in Belgium can reduce by 230 Tons of carbon emissions every year.

Looking for other harmless alternative which does no harm to the environment to transport the goods need work hard. Cleaning shipping transportation, Sweden transportation and environmental network (NTM) enables us to joint with the other enterprises which have similar thinking committed to promoting better environmental performance in the transportation industry. 

Business travel 

We can arrive at the widest areas due to air travel.  So in our business travel, air travel exhausts the most carbon dioxide emissions. 

Business travel is necessary for a multinational company¡¯s (such as JAJ) activities. However, with new technologies,  the emergence of all kinds of available network resources, and collaboration tools, make sure our staff can easily use these alternatives. 

In meeting JAJ, network meeting is a common practice. In addition, in recent years, we invest more than 70 top video conference facilities in more than 20 countries. Arrange courses for the employees, and also learn more about how to best use different virtual tools for different business needs. 

Virtual collaboration tools not only are the alternative to business travel, but also reduce carbon emissions and costs. By making full use of these technologies, our employees can handle their business, and does not need to spend a lot of time on the trip traffic. 

Products of reusing and recycling

Reduce the impact on the environment by reuse our products. 

Product reuse and recycling, as part of the JAJ environmental life cycle management strategies, plays a vital role.  You can find an example how we deal with this problem in the bearing overhaul.

One win-win solution 

From a business, concept of JAJ bearing renovation makes great contribution by improving the equipment service life and reducing the cost of life cycle optimization. 

From environmental perspective, bearing overhaul present us decreasing demand for materials and energy consumption, thus reduce the impact on the environment. And from these two perspectives, bearing overhaul will help us to provide high quality solutions by using knowledge and improve customer satisfaction. 

Environmental performance testing and report 

For an organization which regards sustainability and environmental protection as the basis for action, performance testing and report are very important. We must clear away the obstacles, in order to achieve our goals and to verify that our strategy is effective. Our clear goals - many of which are global goals - including water and metal consumption and volatile organic compounds material. 


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